Name : Rif
Age: 24
Occupation: Writer, Director.

I blog thoughts, art, tv shows and movies I enjoy.

instagram: Rifyal
Skype : Ask

Come talk to me and see if that happens. I'm quite nice.
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You me and our lord and savior

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"Annie (a pseudonym) is a Chinese-American, straight, female university professor. While she was in graduate school, she found it difficult to receive medical treatment due to the perceived psychiatric condition of simply being Asian and female: “I went to a doctor at the university because I had recurring abdominal pain. The doctor listened to my description, but rather than doing a physical exam, he explained to me that it was normal for Asian women to be anxious and stressed out, and anxiety was probably causing my abdominal pain.” But surprisingly, the doctor didn’t treat the anxiety either. He just said there was nothing he could do."

Shattering the Madness Monolith: On the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Psychiatric Disability (via andromedalogic)

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The Tony Stark developed Falcon suit has a Gatchaman vibe to it in the ‘Avengers Assemble’ animated series.

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did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys :-)

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”I hate capitalism.” typed the communist individual on their MacBook Pro, a product that is a result of capitalism.

”I hate feudalism.” wrote the burgher with their printing press, a product that is a result of feudalism.

"there is only one G*d" said the early christians as they traveled through roman roads, a product of a pagan empire.


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*points at you* Ann Perkins

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